Real Time Updates About Different Issues at ZNetLive

Real Time Updates About Different Issues at ZNetLive

Live update on service issues and scheduled maintenances at ZNetLive
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Feb 22 2016

Scheduled DC Migration: Friday, March18, 2016

Dear Customer,

Warm Greetings from ZNetLive!

In this dynamic operational environment, wherein, not only applications and data in the production environment are changing consistently but also, are changing consumer needs. So in order to meet growing demands of our customers, we have scheduled migration of our servers from current DC to the new DC wherein, we would be securely moving all our servers, network components, devices and other assets.

This migration exercise will allow us to provide you with better services, performance and  network accessibility.

The schedule of the migration is as per the given time frame:

Migration Window Details :

Scheduled Migration Date : Friday, March 18, 2016.

Scheduled Migration Time:  3.00 P.M.

Expectations from you:- Although we have carefully carved the data center migration strategy, keeping in mind all the facets of IT environment, yet we  strongly recommend all our users to run a full backup –specially of data base and mails that are currently hosted in your subscription with us to your local desktop/laptop/external drive as an extra precaution for this migration exercise.

Expected Downtime: Migration activity is scheduled for 12 hours minimum and maximum up to 48 hours, but if there is any further change, we will keep you updated through our portal

Communication Plan: Our helpdesk –support and CRM will be fully functional and staffed on chat, phone and tickets during the migration exercise.

We will keep posting periodic updates on our portal, to keep you fully informed of the status of migration. You can check the status on below URL :

This data center migration exercise is mandatory as to allow us to serve you better. We appreciate your kind understanding and patience.

Thanks for your co-operation and support. Looking forward to serve you with superior technology.

ZNetLive Team
Call: +91-141-4070666 | India Toll FREE: 1-800-102-9638 (ZNET)
Reg. Office: D-10/52, Opp. Chitrakoot Stadium, Chitrakoot, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur-21 (India)
Mumbai | Jaipur | US


Update:1 at 2:15 PM:: We are prepared for the activity and will start activity sharply at 3:00 PM today.

Update:2 at 3:00 PM:: We have started the activity.

Update:3 at 12:30 AM:: Activity is going as per plan and server relocation is going on.

Update:4 at 06:00 AM:: Server mounting in process.

Update:5 at 9:21 AM:: Servers are racked and cabling is in process.

Update:6 at 8:00 PM:: All services up and running.

Still we will keep everything under observation for next 48 hours.  In case any issue please contact to support.