Real Time Updates About Different Issues at ZNetLive

Real Time Updates About Different Issues at ZNetLive

Live update on service issues and scheduled maintenances at ZNetLive
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Feb 18 2014

Hardware Upgradation of Database/DNS server on Feb 22nd at 11:30 PM

We are doing hardware upgradation of our Database/DNS server to provide you with better performance and a more stable network.

Upgradation Description: During this process, we will be changing the server hardware as well as IP pool.

Upgradation Date: Feb 22nd, 2014.

Time: The changes will start on Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2014, 11:30 PM IST and will be completed by Sunday, Feb 23rd, 2014, 1:00 AM IST.

Expectations from you:  If you are using our hosting name servers, then you should not do any changes for mail services from your side.

Note : The name server IPs are being changed and clients who are using their own name servers (custom name servers) need to make the followingchanges :

Old Name server IP

New Name server IP

NOTE : Database hostname will be the same as the previous one. If you are using IP address, then please use below hostname so that after migration you will not face any database connection error.

Database connection String: 

MSSQL2008    :-,1234

MSSSQL2005 :-,1235

Expected Downtime: There may be a downtime of equal to or less than 1 hour.

Please be patient and support us in our endeavour of serving you with better technology & hardware.