Real Time Updates About Different Issues at ZNetLive

Real Time Updates About Different Issues at ZNetLive

Live update on service issues and scheduled maintenances at ZNetLive
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Aug 21 2017

Scheduled Maintenance Activity- Pleskidc6 Server

Dear Customer,

We are facing some performance degradation issue with server and all services response slow.  We will performance some hardware / OS diagnose on server tonight.

All the service running on this server: MySQL, SmarterMail, Web Services, DNS will be down during activity.

Start Time: Monday, 21st August 2017 10:00 PM

Duration: 3-5 hours

Important: There will be no data loss during this process.

Communication Plan: Our helpdesk will be fully functional and staffed during the activity. We will keep posting periodic updates in the announcements section and on to keep you fully informed of the status of migration process.